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Local AC Installation Services

Helping You Find The Right Local AC Installation Services

Replacing your AC system is one of the biggest investments you can make for your home or business. At Dempsey Energy, we can help you determine if your AC unit is ready to be replaced and if so, choose the right system for your home. Our Mansfield AC installation and replacement technicians are committed to helping you select a new and improved, cost-efficient option.

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When To Replace Your AC

In some cases, it may be obvious that your air conditioner needs to be replaced, such as if it has stopped working entirely. However, there are times it can be difficult to know if a repair or replacement is the next best step. While investing in a new air conditioner may seem like a large purchase, older systems waste energy and money and you will likely see the offset in your energy bills over time.

Consider Installing A New Air Conditioner If Your Current Unit:

  • Needs frequent repairs
  • Constantly makes strange noises
  • Is causing a surge in your energy bills
  • Is heating and cooling your property inconsistently
  • Is outdated and less energy-efficient
  • Is no longer producing any airflow

How Long Do Air Conditioning Units Last?

On average an air conditioner should last between 10 and 15 years. Keeping up with regular maintenance and necessary repairs can help extend the life of your unit. Similarly, neglecting your AC system can shorten its lifespan. Once your unit is no longer functioning properly, it may be time to start looking for a new air conditioner. However, with so many options to choose from, you may be uncertain of what to look for and which system would be right for you.

What To Take Into Consideration When Installing a New Air Conditioner:

  • The size of the unit. This is crucial, as an oversized or undersized unit can lead to expensive repairs and a decrease in energy efficiency.
  • The level of energy-efficiency. You can determine how energy-efficient an air conditioner is by checking the SEER rating.
  • The type of air conditioner. There are countless brands, makes, and models on the market, so be sure to do your research when investing in a new system.
  • The efficiency and quality of your ductwork. Damaged or leaking ducts will influence how well your new AC unit performs, so make sure your air ducts are in good condition.

Taking the above factors into consideration can help you better determine what your cooling system needs are. However, consulting with a professional Mansfield AC installation expert may be a good idea to ensure you purchase and install the right unit for your home or business.

Installation of a New Air Conditioner in Mansfield

At Dempsey Energy, your comfort is incredibly important to us. During the summer, having a working air conditioner plays into the equation of comfort. If your home or business does not have an air conditioner installed yet and you would like to explore your options, turn to our licensed and insured HVAC experts. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout Massachusetts, helping our customers to achieve the ultimate comfort levels. You can rely on our AC installation and replacement team in Plainville, to provide you with a thorough inspection and analysis so we can ensure an accurate quote and advice.

Reach out to us today at (617) 997-4310 to make an appointment for an AC replacement in Massachusetts.

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